About Us

My 1st Pet:

As a specialty pet retailer  that provides quality products for the lifetime needs of pets we are dedicated to ensuring that the journey you take with your pet is filled with unconditional love.  We believe that every pet parent should be equipped with the essentials.  

We see pets as family members, we understand how important the human-animal bond truly is the key for both pet and parent living more fulfilled lives.  It is our mission to give new pet parents and experienced parents a place to find the right items for their darling new pet.  

‘My 1st Pet’ was established in 2021 with the aim of giving essential items needed for a healthy and happy pet at a reasonable cost. We partner with a global network of brands and products that will enhance the quality of life for pets. We believe that everyday we spend with our pets can vastly improve our well-being.

Message from The Founder:

Hello! Fellow pet lovers and owners. My name is William and yes, I am a proud parent of a beautiful Shiba Inu. Her name is Beeboo she has to be the most rewarding pet I have ever raised. I was there from the first day she was born, out of the litter she was smallest the only one with the cream colored coat. I knew immediately she was going to be a part of our family, because I could not imagine a life without her. I know the magic of that instant connection you feel when you first pick up a new pet.  It is that feeling and passion for all animals that I have in believing they deserve quality love and care. As an owner of a pure bred Shiba I understand there can be fair amount certain health needs that I must take care of to ensure my little one stays with me as long as possible. I wanted to share my passion and love for pets and provide a place where every pet parent from the brand new to ultra experienced can find the things they need to keep their loved ones healthy and happy.


From the bottom of our hearts we wanted to thank you for stopping by. 

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